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What is Spirituality?


Spirit begins where separation ends.  

And separation is an illusion.

A convincing one, albeit, but an illusion nevertheless.

“But you are over there Will, and I’m over here.  We aren’t even in the same space!  How can we NOT be separate?”

Who said Spirit had anything to do with space?

Or time, for that matter?

“Well if there is no space or time, I don’t even have a reference point for that.”

Exactly.  Very few people do.  

That’s what spirituality is for.  It dissolves separation because It is the One that All Is.

Spirituality is the process of dissolving the belief in separation.

Connect with Spirit, separation goes away.  

Indulge in separation, Spirit recedes from your conscious experience.

Why dissolve the belief in separation?  Why do spiritual work?

Because separation is the root of all suffering, if I may boldly paraphrase the Buddha, and nobody wants to suffer.

Test me out on this.

When you are suffering, is connection present?  

When you are arguing, do you feel like there is no difference between you and the other?

If life is good, but never quite good enough, do you ever feel full?

You may think otherwise, but when I surrender my beliefs in being different, insufficient, and disharmonious, while staying conscious and present, I don’t suffer.  I’m happy and content and curious.

Notice I said when.  While the Buddha, and Jesus, and Krishna, and so many other enlightened masters had an always experience, I don’t.  I imagine that since you are still reading this, you don’t either.  That’s why Spirituality is a process.

Spirituality is the process of dissolving the belief in separation.

Unless you are one of the few in 10 billion people who achieve that rarified states enlightenment, you are still working your day job, or running your business, or handling the kids, or engaged in some combination of what normal life looks like.  It’s work.  Some days are great, and some days—well, that’s why God made beer, or an oakey Chard!  (Yes, and yoga and meditation, too.)

So thank God that Spirituality is a process. 

You can do it over and over.   And each time you engage in this process of dissolving the belief in separation, you become a new You.  A You that isn’t frustrated, or depressed, or ravenous, or even just meh.

Spirituality is the one thing that you can count on while staying conscious and present that will always lead you towards fulfillment.  It may take you through a swamp or have you clinging by your fingernails to a cliff face from time to time, but it also gives you vistas beyond imagination, and a tranquility that gives rise to peaceful and enlivened days.

Spirituality is the process of dissolving the belief in separation.  It returns you to center, helps you overcome difficult circumstances and in short, makes life better in the bad times and great in the good times.  Whether you’ve been on the spiritual journey for a while or are just looking for good hiking shoes, if you make one of your practices the intention to dissolve your belief in separation, you will get right to the heart of Spiritual Work, and will see progress in your life.

There is a magic to Spirit, to Connection, to Unity. 

If the Hard Rock Cafe slogan is right, and it’s true that All is One, then there is nothing you can’t experience.  Practice connecting with something you love, with something beautiful, and let your heart fill you up.  Do it as often as you can, so that when Life throws another inevitable curveball, maybe you’ll see that She is just playing a game with you, the game you signed up to play this time around.  And maybe, just maybe, you’ll smile and swing for the bleachers.

Blessings to you as you create the capacity for change!


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