The Life You Long for is Waiting Within You... Create the Capacity for Change!

The trouble with Enlightenment…


The trouble with enlightenment…

… Is that we think about it

As a place to get to.

But you’ve already been there.

Underneath all the demands you try to meet,

Beneath the turbulence of your life

Is a still, calm center.

This is a place you can learn to return to. Just now, take a moment and consider a time when you felt at ease, peaceful and relaxed.

Close your eyes and fully experience that in your body.

Take a couple of breaths to send to yourself in that experience.

Now let the thoughts and images go, and just pay attention to the sensations.

This is your aliveness. It belongs to you like nothing else ever has, or ever will.

This is practical alignment, and practically enlightenment.  For now, this is the best you can do.

Keep returning to this place as often as you can, and watch how your life changes.

Blessings to you as you create the capacity for change!

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