The Life You Long for is Waiting Within You... Create the Capacity for Change!

Create the Capacity for Change

Capacity is potential alive with authentic power.  Power born of your Essential Nature.

We all want to change our life in some way.  To make improvements, even if it is to get better at what we already enjoy.  Sometimes we want a major overhaul.  I’ve been in that place many times.

Unfortunately, the desire for change is not enough.  Even though we believe that we can do it, that the potential lies within us, potential and belief alone are insufficient.

Potential shows up like good ideas, and lives in the someday/maybe world of the future.

Capacity exists now.  It is demonstrable.  When you convert your innate potential into ability, you develop capacity.  Then you can produce the result you want because you have the capacity to do so.

To create lasting and fulfilling change, you need to develop the capacity to be the person that can live the life you want.

capacity for change, power within

When you learn to connect with your Essential Nature, you set free the power of your longing, your purposeful desire.  Longing brings you alive, inspires you, and calls you into action.  Often with little effort because you become so present and aligned with the divine.

The ability to allow your longing to lead you is the key to converting your potential into the capacity you need to make the changes you want.  This is a creative act.

How do you Create the Capacity for Change?

  • Connect with your Essential Nature
  • Learn to let It lead you into greater loving, longing, and aliveness.
  • Use your Authentic Power to build capacity, and take action!

When you learn to continually create from your Essential Nature, you automatically learn to love your life because you align with your purpose.  You begin to Give your Greatest Gift to yourself and the world.

You can do this.  It takes courage.  It takes commitment. It requires your willingness to dive deep into your self and mine the treasure within.

Don’t wait on your life.  Your life is waiting for you.

Get started now.