The Life You Long for is Waiting Within You... Create the Capacity for Change!


Practical Sessions powerfully change the structure and flow of your personality-body, the living consciousness system that gives rise to your physical experience.  When you share the area of life that you want to change, Will assesses and tracks blockages and imbalances that  keep you stuck.

You can choose either a Balancing session, or an Essential session.

In both experiences, your energy field will be cleared, charged, and balanced.  Both types of sessions begin with a short discussion about what you want.  In Balancing Sessions, you simply receive for the remainder of the session, allowing yourself to let go of the needs to fix or change.  In Essential Sessions, we will continue to communicate throughout the session as Will brings to light specific beliefs, habits, or limitations that keep you from creating what you want.  Essential sessions are designed to help you connect with your Essential Nature.  Both sessions end with a brief discussion and an offering of guidance for you to act on if you wish.

Here is what clients are saying.

Single Session with Will

Brennan Healing Science™, Energy healing, Energy field clearing


Great for first time clients or those needing deeper and longer support.

$197 for 75-90 minutes

4 Session Package with WillConnecting

With 4 sessions over a maximum of 3 months, powerfully engage your intention for change with consistent support.  CLICK HERE NOW for a limited time special offer!

$697 for 4 sessions of 60-75 minutes