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“I came to Will after years of counseling, inner work, meditation, yoga, work with alternative healers and 30 years of self healing study. I felt for lack of a better word, stuck energetically. I was an adopted child with birth trauma that I just could not overcome. Wills compassion and ability to work with me at a soul level were unlike anything I had ever experienced. His ability to get to the root of my issue and insights have been a true gift of healing for me. I would highly recommend him for his ability to intuitively connect with you on physical, emotional and spiritual levels.”


“Will Skelton has been a wonderful gift in my life. His calm and stable energy has allowed me to heal in a comfortable environment. I have currently been seeing Will for energy sessions for about 2 to 3 years. Due to the space of safety he provides, it opens an opportunity to heal very deep wounds and be able to pay attention to my self at a level I never would without him. I walk away from his sessions feeling nurtured, healed and able to deal with issues in my life at a new level of love and compassion.”


“The work I’ve done with Will has been exceptional! I’ve experienced a lot of different types of energy work over the years, and some practitioners I’ve received a lot of value from, and others seemed like a waste of time/energy/money. My experience of working with Will is that every appointment we have together makes a real and True difference for me. I appreciate that Will caters each and every session to me and my situation specifically, and doesn’t come from a one-solution-fits all approach. He knows how to ask the right questions, as well as tune into what’s going on with my energy in the moment, for us to decide together the best way to go about creating the most appropriate methodology for me for that day. I love the experience of co-creating my healing and evolution/expansion of who I am with him! I am very grateful for my experience.”


“Expressing the experience of working with Will is difficult because each person’s experience is unique and so I think it is best done through example.

In January, I sprained my ankle. Since I was unable to walk (or drive), I called to cancel my appointment with Will. His response surprised me; he asked me to take the next hour sitting still without TV or interruption and he would work on me. Not believing it could hurt (and already immobile), I agreed. When I initially called him, I was unable to walk from the couch around the corner to the bathroom without crutches as the pain of just putting my foot on the floor was excruciating. I didn’t experience anything definitive over the next hour (although I enjoyed a zoned out rest), but when I rose to go to the bathroom, I found that not only could I put my foot on the floor, but I could also walk on it. The best description that I could give for what Will did was remove the shock from my body, which allowed healing to begin.

Will has continued to help me move through emotional scars and blockages in much the same manner. I couldn’t ask for a better partner in the healing process than Will.”


“I have known Will Skelton as a friend for about six years. Now for the past five months I have been seeing Will on a professional level. I have back pain due to broken vertebrae and a rib that is out of place and I need some work with balance. Since visiting Will, my pain has decreased and I believe that I experience greater balance, not only physically, but also psychologically and spiritually. My well-being has increased, I believe from my sessions with Will.”


I was recently involved in an accident where I experienced whiplash, severe tightening of my neck and shoulders, and a trauma to the side of my head. Fortunately for me, Will was able to work on me minutes after the incident. Skillfully honoring my frightened state and intense pain, Will was able to release the fear I held in my body, that allowed my body to relax and begin its healing. I thank you Will, for the proficiency and care that you showed me, and for the benefits that I experienced in the days that followed.

–Tamlyn Hedemann, Kinesiologist

Will worked on my left shoulder that has an old injury and can be very painful, especially in the evenings. As he worked on it, it hurt some but as I traveled home, it hurt more and then by the time I got home (hour drive), it wasn’t hurting at all! I truly can’t speak highly enough of him and his practice, Practical Metamorphosis!

–Myia M. Danley