The Life You Long for is Waiting Within You... Create the Capacity for Change!

Loving your life, from the inside out

Who doesn’t want to love their life?

We all want to know how we can make our lives better.  Find more joy and fulfillment, more pleasure in the good times, more power in the bad.  Especially you.

That’s why you are here.

Something is stirring inside you.  Maybe you are bored and tired of the same old hum drum routine.  Maybe something happened that took the spark out of your life.  Maybe life is just really tough right now and you just need some support.

A new perspective.  A powerful process.   Something that works.

Who You Are

Like so many folks on the spiritual path, you work really hard at being a great person, contributing to your friends and family.  You are responsible, sometimes too much, though you might not ever admit that.  You are effective. You get the job done.  The bills are paid, the kids have a great life, and you get to the gym as often as you can.

But still, something is missing.  You can feel it inside.

I can relate.  Big time.

For over 20 years I’ve been actively engaged on the spiritual path.  Climbed some peaks, and wallowed around in the muck, too.  I’ve studied with Spiritual Teachers, gone to countless seminars, read the books, done the meditations, sat in circles, done personal work, energy work, and have chanted for countless hours.  I have two degrees focused solely on spiritual work. What I’ve learned is that everything the saints and sages have told us it true– the answers are within me.

Your answers are within you, too.

But nobody ever told you how to find them!

The Problem

I heard over and over again:  the answer are within you, you just have to look for them.

I got really annoyed.  I wanted the answers.  I wanted my own power.  And I wanted it then!   The folks I heard it from were just quoting cliches, though, and couldn’t pay their bills or make a relationship work.  Everyone talked about loving their lives, except when they were complaining about them, which was most of the time.

That was me, too.

It didn’t make sense either.  Why would all the gurus– the Rumis, the Buddhas, the Jesus’, the Lao Tzus–talk about the same truth?

The Kingdom of Heaven is within.  –Jesus

Seeking within, you will find stillness.  Here there is no more fear or attachment–only joy.  —Buddha, The Dhammapada

Nurture the Way within, and you will have a virtuous life.  — Lao Tzu, The Tao Te Ching

Ok, I get it.  My answers are within.  Blah, Blah, Blah…

What does that really mean?  What is inside you that can help when the bills are past due, the kids have to be delivered, and you have a splitting headache, and the report your boss needs isn’t even close to complete?  Sounds like a good time for a beer, or a bath, or both.

I’ve had lots of beer, and baths.

The Answer

Do you want to know what the SOMETHING is that’s missing?

It’s your Essential Nature.

That’s why I created Practical Metamorphosis.  To help you rediscover this vital, unique and precious part of yourself.  The divine part you have forgotten and covered up.

When you reconnect with your Essential Nature, you ignite your purpose.  Your life is infused with new energy, and you are compelled naturally to do what you love.

When you connect with your Essential Nature consistently, you learn how to love your life again.  You really do remember:  the power was within you all along.

Reconnect now.  Don’t wait.  Your life is waiting.  I’d be honored to walk with you as you find your way home.

Blessings to you as you Create the Capacity for Change!