The Life You Long for is Waiting Within You... Create the Capacity for Change!


Connecting with your Essential Nature is vital to your fulfillment.  When you connect, you breathe aliveness into your life!

Connecting is not a one time experience though, it is a journey.    It is a process of meeting yourself where you are, learning to love what’s there, and then going outward again into the world to bring forth your Greatest Gift.  Then doing it again and again.

Connecting with your Essential Nature is a practice.

Yes, your Essential Nature is the eternal part of you, but that doesn’t mean it is static!  It is ever evolving, leading you to grow, learn and have new experiences that reflect who you are.  Seeing the Divinity in yourself is profound, and that experience is available when you connect with your Essential Nature.  The journey is one of allowing your own Divinity to lead you to your greater purpose of giving your Greatest Gift to yourself and the world.

This journey ignites your courage and your longing.  To tap into the forgotten vitality within, you learn to meet the places where your Essential Nature was limited, suppressed, or not allowed to grow.  These places are natural and within all of us.  They need love and support.

Connecting with your Essential Nature automatically supports whatever life brings you.  When you are challenged, this is the place of peace and certainty.  When you are loving life, this is the place of joy and expansion.

As you learn to connect with your Essential Nature, life begins to work in new ways.  The old limiting patterns begin to fall away as your light shines forth.  You find freedom to choose despite your reactions.  You find the power to love in the midst of difficulty.  You own your life as it is, and that is what lays the foundation for the authentic power you need to create the capacity for change.

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