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Chakras: The Organs of Your Energy System

Last January, Apollo died. He was our one-eyed, almost 12 year old golden retriever. He lived a great dog life– lots of rabbits, and dog friends, and ear scratchings, and ribeye bones –and he developed metastatic lung cancer.

Copyright 2009 Will Skelton

Copyright 2009 Will Skelton

On his last Saturday morning, he stayed close to me instead of running off with our other two dogs. I began to feel concerned, and a tense, clouded sensation arose in my chest. It was uncomfortable at best.

When I saw the x-rays on Monday, the sensation intensified. It became a clenching that moved up towards my throat. I found it hard to breathe. [Read more…]

Cold showers, and why my wife thinks I’m crazy

” Eeeeee! Oh my God, this is so cold!”

Photo credit: gagilas / Foter / CC BY-SA

Photo credit: gagilas / Foter / CC BY-SA

Every morning, as I turn the water freezing cold, I literally yip out loud and say that to myself in the shower. My wife thinks I’m crazy.

You know why I do it, don’t you?

Here is a hint:

not to disappoint, but it has nothing to do with sex, and it does have everything to do with why you haven’t made the changes you say you want in your life.

When that cold water hits my body, it triggers a cascade of events that support my immune system, stress response, and even my skin, but that’s not why I do it. I turn the shower handle from H to C, take a deep breath and back into the shock of it because it reminds me, teaches me, habituates me, to a fundamental skill vital for anyone interested in growth and expansion: it conditions me to tolerate, and even embrace, the uncomfortable.   [Read more…]

When overwhelm strikes, life can be miserable. Try this…

When overwhelm strikes, life can be miserable.

It comes on quickly. One minute you are cruising along, enjoying your day, and maybe a latte, but then something happens and all of a sudden you have a thousand things to do–and they all need to be done NOW!!

You have gone from being relaxed and effective, to stressed and scattered in a microsecond!

You have gone from feeling good about yourself and connected with your purpose, to being ineffective, frustrated, and even confused about what to do. The associated stress can even start to make you feel physically sick. Your stomach can feel upset and your energy level drops.

You might have even spilled your latte– life is not good 🙁

[Read more…]