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Authentic Power

Authentic power arises from the capacity to love.

Unfortunately however, power is typically thought of as the capacity to control, direct, or influence the behavior of others or the course of events.  This leads us to believe that if we can control our circumstances, then we have power.  But life somehow seems to outsmart us, and our best laid plans are often found in the rubble of shattered dreams.  This interpretation of power leaves us impotent from past failures and unfulfillable desire.

This form of power is really called force and is born out of the personal will.  When willpower runs out, the intention dies, along with your aliveness.  Force looks like craving at worst and prideful demanding at best.  It is quite naturally unsustainable.  Force is not destined to survive.

Authentic power, on the other hand, arises genuinely from your Essential Nature, your loving essence.  Authentic power leads and guides and never demands.  It calls you forth to have the courage to accept your life as it is, even as you work to improve.

Authentic power is present when you are develop the capacity to own your Deepest Truth by expanding to the edge of your ability to love, and inviting your Essential Nature to fill and support you.  Amazingly, you find yourself able to bring forward your best qualities in situations that previously held you hostage.

When you learn to love that which you could not, you increase your authentic power.  You find the ability to create the capacity for change within you.

You realize, that ability was there all along, it just needed to be set free.

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