The Life You Long for is Waiting Within You... Create the Capacity for Change!

What is Practical Metamorphosis?


We need something different.

Something to wake us up, get us out of our head and into the heart of our lives.

A practice that supports us in the tough times, and helps us grow in the good.

A process, a perspective, a way of looking at the world.

It needs to work. It needs to be inclusive. It needs to be connected.

Introducing Practical Metamorphosis…

…because the life you long for is waiting Within You.

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Change can be brought about in one of two ways:

by using will power, or by aligning with your Essential Nature, the Divine spark within you.

Most of us try to force change via will power which is hard to sustain.  When you run out of will power, change stops or even slides backwards.  We all know someone who has worked so hard to lose weight, only to gain it all back, or even more, when the will power ran out.  Maybe even someone you know well!

Change born from your Essential Nature, however, arises naturally out of the desires to learn, grow, love, and contribute.  These are natural in all of us.  In the weight loss example, we know that successful people not only changed their diet, but changed their lifestyle.  The things they chose to enjoy shifted.  How they loved themselves changed.

This is the essence of Practical Metamorphosis–learning to love yourself in new ways, especially the parts of yourself you find challenging and have not yet learned to love.

Your Deepest Truth is the bridge between your Essential Nature and your personality-body, the living field of consciousness that surrounds and interpenetrates your physical experience.  When you tell the truth to yourself, you align with your Essential Nature.  This is a highly effective form of self love.  Change flows automatically from this alignment.

That’s why this work is called Practical Metamorphosis.  The most practical thing you can do to bring about change is to connect with your Deepest Truth, and through that, your Essential Nature.  As you do this, you learn to love the parts of you that you still don’t like, avoid, or hide.  Loving these aspects of yourself actually changes your personality-body.  The shape and form of that conscious field actually looks and feels different.  Then you change, quite naturally, and without the force of will power.

So, I invite you to do what is practical, do what makes a difference:  connect with your precious and vital Essential Nature by discovering and acknowledging your Deepest Truth, and see how your life changes.  It really is simple.  I’m here to help, if you want support.

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