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Brennan Healing Science™

Brennan Healing Science™ is a dynamic system of healing that works with the 4 dimensions of humankind to bring about personal healing and transformational growth.  What are the four dimensions of humankind?

  • The Physical Body
  • The Human Energy Field, commonly known as the aura
  • The Hara, level of intention and purpose
  • The Core Star, the Divine essence that gives rise to your human experience

With inclusive focus on these four dimensions of human existence, Brennan Healing Science™ is used in Practical Sessions to provide you with powerful support for many  life challenges ranging from physical injury to emotional or spiritual conflicts.

Brennan Healing Science™ can be performed in person or at a distance, so it is a convenient way of receiving personal healing.  Please note, that Will is not a medical doctor, or is in any way qualified to give medical advice, and never ever recommends that you stop seeing your medical and/or psychological professional.  Brennan Healing Science™ effectively compliments your current healing team, by charging, balancing, and repairing the Human Energy Field, aligning the Hara, and expanding your Core Star.

You can think of the process like this:  Let’s say you have a coffee mug.  A mold was required to pour materials into to make the mug.  If the mold was broken, the mug wouldn’t work well.  If it had a hole in it, the mug would leak.  Think of the Human Energy Field as the “mold” out of which the physical body is created. If you have an undercharged field, you get an undercharged and lethargic body.  If you have a break or tear in the field, then your vitality leaks away.  If the field is clogged or distorted, then so will be the body.  Brennan Healing Science™, in Will’s opinion, restores the integrity of the “mold” of the physical body, and then the body can more easily and effectively heal itself.

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Brennan Healing Science™ is a trademark of Barbara Brennan, Inc.