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6 Signs your Spiritual Practice is Working

You’ve been putting in the time.  You took the time to learn, and now you’ve been practicing.  Perhaps daily, or maybe just one committed time per week.  While you love your practice, and feel great doing it, you still wonder if it’s really working in your life.

How do you know?  Check out these 6 signs and see if you need to add another session or congratulate yourself.

1.  Change is happening with less effort

You are making better choices, choices that make you feel more confident, empowered, and centered.  Where it used to be difficult to do what you know is best for you, now it is easier.  As you connect with Spirit, you are realizing that you are more than your circumstances.  You are able to handle situations that used to leave you frazzled with grace and ease, or at least without reacting with frustration and annoyance.  And you didn’t plan to change those things, they are happening almost of their own accord.

2.  You feel more peaceful and centered.

When you have time to yourself, you find yourself content with silence.  To simply sit and experience what’s happening in your immediate environment, and within yourself.  It’s not that you aren’t engaged in life.  You still participate and may contribute even more than you used to, but now, you don’t feel the need to fill each moment with stimulation.  Facebook will still be there.  So will Netflix.  Right now, it feels good to simply breathe and appreciate your experience.

3.  The way you love is changing.

Acceptance and presence are replacing the emotionally volatile love you have known and longed for.  Instead of trying to get your needs met from others, you are meeting them from within, and that lets you be more fully present.  You know you are loved through the sense of connection with your self, and you still appreciate when others care for you, but demand that they do so less than before.

4.  Your relationships are changing for the better.

Some long time friends may have left your life, but others have entered, and the conversations you are having feel more real and connected.  Instead of gossip, you talk about your dreams, how you are growing, and what you love.  You are more content to listen than to give advice, but when you do it is heart centered.  Your relationship with your body is improving, too.  You are more accepting of it as it is, and you don’t judge yourself as much as you used to.

5.  You are more grateful.

As you accept yourself as you are, and let go trying to control your circumstances, you naturally feel grateful for what you have and what you experience.  Life may not be any easier, but your experience of it is.  When you get your judgments out of the way, what’s left is a simple gratitude for the gift of life.  You find yourself connecting with this sense more often.

6.  You feel more alive!

The work you have been doing is clearing out space in your life, and inside you as well.  You experience more freedom, even though your daily responsibilities may not have changed.  This increased sense of space and freedom make you feel more relaxed and comfortable in your own skin.  As you spend less time at the effect of uncomfortable emotions, you find that your body feels more alive and invigorated.  You are moved by life, and as you express yourself more fully, you touch others more deeply.  You may even receive more compliments and gratitude from friends!

After reading these six signs, you will likely find yourself in one of two places:
Encouraged because you realize that your practice really is working, or you may be disconcerted, possibly even a little annoyed, because these don’t seem like realistic, achievable experiences.
Or you maybe somewhere in between.
Wherever you find yourself, remember that who you are, just being yourself, makes a profound difference.
The world needs your gifts.
Your spiritual path is to discover your unique and precious purpose,
to do the work to free yourself up so you can express yourself fully,
and live in alignment with that purpose.
When you do so you’ll love your life, and contribute others just by being who you are.
Please share in the comments below what your spiritual practice is, and how it’s working for you (or how you’d like it to).
Who knows? You may inspire someone, or give them permission to try something new.
Blessings to you as you continue to create capacity for change!



  1. This is beautiful! Thank you for sharing. For me, it was encouraging.

    Since you asked, here is my spiritual practice that I’ve been doing for years.
    1. My alarm goes off M-F with a message to be thankful for another day, so the first thing I do when I wake up is to thank God for this new day.
    2. I read my Bible a little bit each day so I finish it at the end of each year.
    3. I read a little devotion.
    4. I give thanks for all my blessings.
    5. I pray and speak my blessings.
    6. I say my affirmations.

    This practice has changed my life and the way I view the world. Thanks again for sharing this post with us.

    • Thanks Carla :). Yours feels like such a heart centered practice, how lovely! I’m curious about the blessings you speak–would you share what they are?

  2. Great list, and accurate! I find that I align with the things on this list most when I make quiet time for myself. More specifically, time by myself in nature. Something about that setting aligns me and lights me up and that washes over everyone and everything else in my life. It’s hard to prioritize that at times, but it’s like cleaning a dirty window every time I do.

    • Yes, I, too love being in Nature. Thanks for sharing how we become more naturally aligned when we spend time there 🙂

  3. Great post Will! It’s true, I do feel those things. And ppl have started to call me “wise”! I dont feel wise yet, but others see me that way and come to me for advice.

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